Author: letiliste

Strong wind and gyroplanes

The prevailing wind in our area is kosava, a strong southeast wind from the Carpathian Mountains that usually blows the strongest during the fall and winter, usually reaching speeds up to 20 m/s. However, yesterday we experienced an unusually strong wind for this time of the year (12 – 15 m/s) and one of our gyroplane pilots managed to make this video.

Six new pilots in the last week

Our school has trained six new pilots in the last week. This strongly sets us as the number one ultralight flight school in Serbia and as a strong competitor for the Balkan region.

New aircraft in our school

We now have a tailwheel airplane in our school, Zenair CH601 XL. With a cruise speed of 210km/h, range of 1150km, and a robust metal construction, it will be a great addition to our fleet