Author: Milo Todorović

A trip with ultralight airplanes

We bring you a short video from our december cross-country visit to the airport of Cenej. Our five aircraft group consisted of two SILA-450 airplanes, a P-200, an Alpha Trainer and a MTO Gyrocopter.

Left and right tailspin on the L29 Dolphin

While you are flying ultralight aircraft it is strictly forbidden to perform any sharp maneuvers, one of which is the tailspin. Correctly recognizing and appropriately reacting to the initial signs and development of tailspin is crucial in correctly performing the recovery. Because of this, it is important for every pilot to know what the tailspin looks like. Today, we are giving you an example of the left and right tailspin on a fighter jet L29 Dolphin, and on a Cirrus which is maybe more familiar to us ultralight pilots.



A few days ago we organized another, now traditional visit to the Ečka airport near Zrenjanin. After a short flight to reach it, a few of our pilots had the opportunity to sit behind the controls of a real military jet. The acrobatic abilities and power of the G2 leaves even the best ultralight aircraft far outmatched, which makes this experience a truly unforgetable one. We hope that this video will at least partially show you the feeling of siting in the cockpit of a military jet, at least for a short while.