Pioneer 300

An advanced version of the Pioneer 200, with a higher maximum airspeed, complexity and maneuverability.

Maximum airspeed: 280 km/h
Range: 1000 km

Pioneer 200

An Italian ultralight airplane, used for basic training due to its low complexity and simple handling. Our flight school owns two airplanes of this type.

Maximum airspeed: 225 km/h
Range: 650 km

MXP Sila 450c

A stable and reliable airplane, made by a Serbian airplane manufacturer AeroEast. Its advantages include greater cockpit volume, comfort and a robust metal airframe.

Maximum airspeed: 205 km/h
Range: 1050 km

MXP-155 Tayrona

A robust and stable Serbian airplane. It requires a very short distance to land and take off.

Maximum airspeed: 200 km/h
Range: 900 km

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

A light American four-seat airplane. One of the most popular sport airplanes in the world, manufactured in over 43000 copies.

Maximum airspeed: 220 km/h
Range: 1250km


Apollo Delta Jet

A fast and stable trike manufactured in Hungary. It is used for trike pilot training in our flight school.

Maximum airspeed: 160 km/h
Range: 400 km

Pipistrel Spider

A light and maneuverable trike suitable for beginners. Two trikes of this type are situated on our airfield.

Maximum airspeed: 120 km/h
Range: 300 km


MTO Sport 914

The newest gyroplane on our airfield, with a stronger engine and better maneuverability. Manufactured in Germany.

Maximum airspeed: 185 km/h
Range: 500 km

Apollo Gyro AG-1

Flight school Zemun Polje is the only flight school in Serbia that teaches gyroplane pilots. We have two AG-1 gyroplanes manufactured in Hungary.

Maximum airspeed: 160 km/h
Range: 350 km



A helicopter service and repair station is located on our airfield. Other than the aircraft being restored in the repair station, we also have one type Gazelle.

Zemun Polje
Mostly Cloudy
07:0015:58 CET
Feels like: -2°C
Wind: 14km/h S
Humidity: 82%
Pressure: 1028.9mbar
UV index: 1