A visit to the factory Alpi Aviation

A week ago we visited a factory of Alpi Aviation  and performed test flights on the new P – 330 acro. P – 330 is very similar to the P – 300, with a few changes in the construction of the fuselage and control surfaces. It is more maneuverable and durable, being able to withstand forces from -4 to +6 g.

We were fascinated with the maneuverability of this ultralight plane, both in the horizontal and vertical axis. Currently 11 airplanes are being made, with a starting price of 80.000€. Add-ons such as a stronger engine, smoke device and a new seatbelt systems are available.

We also tested the new P – 400. Only one prototype is available and it is still in the testing phase. It comfortably fits 4 people, and has a cruising speed of 230 kilometers per hour.

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