Curious seagull

This unbelievable photo is a reminder of the danger that birds present to airplanes. Luckily no physical contact was established, and the incident was a near miss.

Two first solo flights in the same day

A very unusual situation happened today on our airfield. We had two first solo flights on the same day, performed by a father and son! We wish them many days of clear skies in the future.

SILA-450 C

A factory from Serbia, named “Aero-East Europe“ has recently introduced a new ultralight airplane. The Sila – 450c is a metal, high – wing airplane with an empty weight of 290kg with a parachyte system. Improved aerodynamics decreases the fuel consumption and the range is increased to 1000km.


Pioneer 300

A new airplane type has arrived to Serbia, and has been registered in the Directorate of Civil Aviation under the number 024. Our friend designed the eagle pattern which really brings out the beauty of the plane.

Apollo Delta Jet2

Another new trike has arrived on our airfield a few days ago. Apollo Delta Jet2 will be used in pilot training.