Esqual VM-1

Ultralight airplane “Esqual VM-1“ was presented for the first time in Julu this year. A prototype visited our airfield a couple of times this year, and our pilots were introduced to the characteristics of this airplane by its owner and manufacturer  Aleksandar Arsic.

  • Wingspan: 9.1m
  • Fuselage length: 6.08m
  • Tip of tail height: 194cm
  • Empty weight: 275kg
  • Fuel capacity: 100 l
  • Never Exceed Speed: 302km/h
  • Stall speed: 62km/h
  • Cruise speed: 220-230km/h
  • Range: 1200km
  • Glide ratio: 19


Amphibious trike

We spent the month of June testing a new amphibious ultralight that will be flying with the tourists on the beaches of Montenegro, in Sutomore. We helped them assemble the trike and test it.


Air Creation Skypper

The French company “Air Creation“ is one of the most famous names in the business when it comes to trike manufacturing. Serbia now has another trike from their factory, with a “Bionix“ wing, a “Skypper“ trike type and a Rotax 912 engine.

A visit to the factory Alpi Aviation

A week ago we visited a factory of Alpi Aviation  and performed test flights on the new P – 330 acro. P – 330 is very similar to the P – 300, with a few changes in the construction of the fuselage and control surfaces. It is more maneuverable and durable, being able to withstand forces from -4 to +6 g.

We were fascinated with the maneuverability of this ultralight plane, both in the horizontal and vertical axis. Currently 11 airplanes are being made, with a starting price of 80.000€. Add-ons such as a stronger engine, smoke device and a new seatbelt systems are available.

We also tested the new P – 400. Only one prototype is available and it is still in the testing phase. It comfortably fits 4 people, and has a cruising speed of 230 kilometers per hour.